A specialized DeFi accelerator DAO that grows DeFi startups with the top 1% resources, investors, and mentors  

Become the Next Top 1% DeFi Founders

HyperNest DeFi Accelerator Program: Pre-Application Open

Prepare to join the forefront of DeFi innovation with HyperNest’s specialized accelerator program. Designed for DeFi startups, our program offers expert mentorship from leaders at Aave, Lido, Sushi Swap, Bancor, and more. Dive into key areas like fundraising, token economy, and smart contract security. Benefit from investments up to $200K, extensive perks valued over $400K, and ongoing support post-program.

While we finalize the details for our next cohorts, we invite you to pre-apply to secure your interest in transforming your DeFi startup with top-tier guidance and resources. This early expression of interest will ensure you are among the first to be informed when official applications open!

DeFi-Focused Full-Service Program

HyperNest specializes in accelerating early-stage DeFi startups with end-to-end guidance covering fundraising, tokenomics, marketing, technology, security, liquidity attraction and retention, go-to-market strategies, financial modeling for decentralized protocols, legal aspects and more. Our 360-degree programs and personalized support are tailored to the unique needs of the DeFi sector, ensuring rapid evolution, brand scaling, and revenue growth for entreprenuers.

Top 1% DeFi Resources

At HyperNest, we bring together the top 1% of DeFi experts, service partners, and investors to create an unparalleded support network. Our team, consisting of strategic thinkers and innovative technologists, embraces pioneering DeFi founders and visionaries globally, ensuring success with the industry’s best.

Endless DeFi Support

Our accelerator program is your gateway to limitless opportunities in the DeFi space. Beyond the 12-week structured program, we offer ongoing support in key areas like fundraising and professional networking, helping you navigate the dynamic DeFi market.

Reputation-First DeFi DAO

At HyperNest, we operate on a reputation-based DAO model, where contributors and mentors gain influence within the DAO’s decision-making process according to their expertise and support. This approach ensures a decentralized, expertise-driven process, empowering those with the most significant contributions and insights to shape the direction and decisions of the DAO.

Community-Centric DeFi DAO

At HyperNest, we’re more than just a DeFi accelerator, we’re a community-focused powerhouse dedicated to innovating the decentralized finance space. Our approach is grounded in clear, straightforward guidance, ensuring that startups navigate the DeFi landscape with confidence.

Global DeFi Presence

With the founding team from Europe, HyperNest serves a diverse global  clientele. Our international team across the US, UK, Europe, and Asia brings diverse perpectives , driving results in the DeFi ecosystems.

Why an Accelerator DAO?

The Web2 era accelerators are not designed to accommodate the needs of Web3 startups.
This is why we built a different system.
Via the alignment of incentives and the sharing of resources, we will have more active and motivated actors in our ecosystem.
HyperNest aims to accelerate more than 500 Web3 startups in the next four years!
To achieve this vast goal, HyperNest needs an exceptionally open structure.

For this reason, our DAO organization distributes:




HyperNest Ethos


To provide DeFi pioneers with the best support for building the protocols that would empower individual sovereignty.


To support the creation of a new system where each individual has the possibility to express their full potential free of constraints, limitations, and impositions.

Currency of the ecosystem

The $HYPEN token is primarily a utility token used in the Hypernest ecosystems to pay for services.
E.g. A startup can pay for a smart contract audit with $HYPEN tokens.
Additionally, Holders of $HYPEN are granted exclusive benefits from the startups part of the ecosystem.

Currency of the ecosystem

The $HYPEN token is primarily a utility token used in the HyperNest ecosystems to pay for services.
E.g.: A startup can pay for a smart contract audit with $HYPEN tokens.
Additionally, holders of $HYPEN are granted exclusive benefits from the startups part of the ecosystem.

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