DeFi Accelerator Program

Hypernest provide ambitious founders with a structured program that covers all aspects of the Web3 space.


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What We Offer

We run a 12-week startup program shaped around the specific challenges that DeFi founders face. We have been in the startup space for many years and many of the common challenges why DeFi startups fail centers around token economy, community building and regulation to name a few.
At Hypernest, we are helping startups overcome these challenges by providing them with a structured program that covers critical topics around launching a DeFi company and connecting the startups with experts in the space.

We also have an extensive network of of partners offering you discounts and free services.
Lastly, we support startups in their fundraising journey, from pitch polishing to investor introductions.

Our Top Mentors

Program Structure & Timeline

Hypernest’s accelerator program will launch in Q1 of 2023 with a laser focus on DeFi.
As a founder, you will get access to resources that Hypernest’s service partners has to offer such as infrastructure development, tech development, legal and security. In addition, founders will also get access to a network of mentors and advisors in the Web3 space who are dedicated to support startups. Lastly, Hypernest will be organizing remote public events for networking opportunities and a Demo Day at the end of the program, to provide startups with the exposure they need to scale their company.

What we are looking for

  • Type of startups
    Defi companies that are bringing innovation to the space. Welcome to AMM, new financial primitives, exotic derivatives, middleware for liquidity optimisation, decentralised insurance.

  • Funding round
    From no funding to pre-seed
  • Stage
    Idea to Early product live
  • Chain
     ETH Mainnnet and Polygon only

About us

Hypernest is an accelerator DAO to support ambitious Web3 founders and to create a more equitable digital world
To provide Web3 pioneers with the best support for building the protocols that would empower individual sovereignty.
Hypernest aims to accelerate more than 500 Web3 startups in the next four years!

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