Polygon x HyperNest
Accelerator Program

HyperNest provides ambitious DeFi founders with a 12-week structured program that covers all aspects of the Web3 space.


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Grow with the top 1 % resources to be the next top 1% elites

GM web3 DeFi builder.
Although everything reminds you of the Goblin town, we are here to help you reach the Citadel.

The HyperNest DeFi Accelerator program in partnership with Polygon will endeavor to support ambitious DeFi early-stage startups pursuing breakthrough innovations in the web3 space. We share the goal to create alternatives to traditional service providers and market structures by leveraging blockchain technology.

The program offers top notch support in the area of fundraising, tokenomics, growth, partnerships, technology, security and beyond. It is designed for DeFi early-stage startups that are planning to deploy on Polygon or Ethereum blockchain. Our resources, partners, and mentors are the top 1% from the blockchain industry, aiming to scale new DeFi protocols that will revolutionize the financial markets – such as novel automated protocols to support trading, lending, and investment of crypto assets.

Lastly, we support startups in their fundraising journey, from pitch polishing to investor introductions.


By participating in our accelerator program, you’ll join our DAO of like-minded entrepreneurs, hackers, builders, degens, protocols, and investors, who are also working to shape the future of decentralized finance. 

As a DAO member, you have access to all our perks and benefits for a lifetime and you will be invited to all our networking and experience sharing events.


Token Economy

It decides the future of the project. We help you with logic and modelling.

Marketing community

Marketing and Community

We help you to build and engage your community. No community, no party.



We cover all the fundraising aspects, from pitch polishing to demo day.


Incorporation and Legal

Your legal structure is an essential component of your strategy. In this unpredictable international law system, you need clarity.


Smart Contract and Security

We provide guidance in building a safe product quickly. A single hack can destroy your venture

Marketing community

DAO Governance

Governance is hard. Before deciding on yours, let’s explore the upsides of different structures.


Launching Your Token

The price market action depends on many factors, from your token launch (on cex or dex) to your market maker. Let our experts guide you.


DeFi Composability

Risks and opportunities of the new money lego system. Design your protocol with this knowledge in mind.

Our Top 1% Mentors

Our mentors are the top 1% blockchain experts coming from Aave, Maker DAO, Bancor, Gnosis, Coindesk, etc. These seasoned experts will assist you with your most burning challenges in the area of fundraising, community building, token economy, legal, smart contract security, etc. Build your knowledge and your network at the same time!


Web3 Marketing
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Soledad Contreras


Marketing and Community
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Mashal Waqar


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Hristo Piyankov


Business Development
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Lucas Hygate

Web3 Security
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Alejandro Banzas

Developer Relations
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Soledad Contreras

Nader Dabit

Developer Relations
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Diogo Almeida

IR and Fundraising
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Program Structure & Timeline

HyperNest’s accelerator program will launch in Q1 of 2023 with a laser focus on DeFi.
As a founder, you will gain access to resources that HyperNest’s service partners has to offer such as infrastructure development, tech development, legal and security. In addition, founders will also gain access to a network of mentors and advisors in the Web3 space who are dedicated to support startups. Lastly, HyperNest will be organizing remote public events for networking opportunities and a Demo Day at the end of the program, to provide startups with the exposure they need to scale their company.

Startups Selection Criteria

We focus on protocols that operate financial transactions; such sub verticals will include – but are not limited to – lending, borrowing, derivatives, decentralized exchanges, insurance, payment & wallet, and asset management.


Funding round: Pre-seed

Stage: Ideation to early product launch/testing/private beta. Pre-token

Team: Real builders, coders, and business guys

Chain: ETH Mainnet and Polygon

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Are you ready to hyperjump to scaling mode? Apply now! Small cohort and only a few seats are available.

About us

HyperNest is a specialized DeFi accelerator DAO that grows early-stage blockchain startups with the top 1% resources, investors, and mentors — including experts from Aave, Bancor, Summer.fi, Beefy Finance, Sushi Swap, and Chainlink — to become the next top 1% elites of the industry. Our extensive support spans beyond a 12-week program, covering topics including fundraising, tokenomics, growth, marketing, technology, security, liquidity attraction and retention, go-to-market strategies, financial modeling for decentralized protocols, legal aspects, and more. The hall of fame includes Polygon, Consensys, FD Capital, Google, Q, Ankr, Covalent, Colony, Nethermind, Founder Heads, Protofire, DeFi Safety and Hubspot.

Hypernest aims to accelerate more than 500 Web3 startups in the next four years!

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