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Web3 Startup Funding: Guide for Post-Hackathon

Just won a hackathon with a Web3 project? Discover the funding options that can turn your project into a sustainable startup. From bootstrapping to angel investors, find the path that suits you best

Decentralization and UX: A Harmonious Future

In the dynamic realm of technology, the convergence of decentralization and user experience (UX) stands as a pivotal discussion. While some argue that the essence of decentralization might conflict with superior UX, it’s essential to delve deeper. Drawing parallels with the early days of DOS and the current blockchain landscape, it becomes evident that challenges faced are not due to decentralization’s inherent nature but the technology’s budding phase. Envisioning a future, the true potential lies in harmonizing decentralization with UX, ensuring power distribution without compromising on intuitive user interactions.

April Wong Joins Hands with HyperNest to Accelerate Blockchain Startups

Today we are thrilled to welcome April Wong as our mentor, as her passion for decentralization and expertise in marketing and blockchain aligns with our vision to grow early-stage blockchain startups with the top 1% resources, investors, and mentors. Her skills and experience will help our startups reach their full potential and become the next top 1% elites in the industry.