HyperNest Bootcamp

Supercharge Your DeFi Startup Growth with HyperNest’s Virtual Bootcamp – Free for the First 10 Selected Startups

Why Should you Join HyperNest Bootcamp?

After working with over 100+ startups, we understand the needs of DeFi startups like yours. If you need to secure funding, acquire liquidity for your protocol, increase your visibility with our KOLs, and access comprehensive knowledge to scale your project, the HyperNest Bootcamp is for you. This exclusive initiative helps you tackle these challenges and drive your startup to success. Apply now to be between the 10 startups that will be able to join for free!

Here’s why you should join:

1. Access to Investment Opportunities & Grants: Gain access to investment opportunities through our network of 50+ crypto investors, angels, and affiliated investment DAOs. Plus, you will have a possibility to have Grants from our foundation partners network such as Polygon, zkSync, Solana, etc.

2. Exclusive Pitch Competitions: Participate in exclusive pitch competitions to connect with our investors and present your project to them.

3. TVL Boost: Connect with our liquidity providers.

4. Enhanced Marketing Campaigns: Reach a wider audience and achieve significant growth through our network of key opinion leaders (KOL) in DeFi.

5. Premier Educational Resources: Access 30 hours of tailor-made online courses from HyperNest’s top-tier mentors from Sushiswap, Bancor, Chainlink, Aave, MakerDAO, and more.

6. Extensive perks and benefits: Gain access to a variety of platforms to effectively build and scale your projects worth $400K+ for instance Google Cloud, Covalent, and HubSpot.

    Foundations Partners and Collaborators

    Program Focus


    Access to Investment Opportunities

    Get exclusive investment opportunities from our network of 50+ crypto investors, angels, and affiliated investment DAOs. You also have a chance to connect and have Grants from our partner foundations such as Polygon, zkSync, Solana, etc.

    Marketing community

    Pitch Competition Opportunity

    Participate in exclusive pitch competitions to connect with potential investors and enhance your pitching skills.


    Comprehensive Liquidity Provider Access

    Leverage our strong connections with liquidity providers to ensure your project’s liquidity.


    KOLs Connections

    Utilize our extensive network of Key Opinion Leader (KOL) agencies to expand your reach and drive substantial growth with custom-tailored strategic marketing support.


    Premier Educational Resources

    Access 30 hours of tailor-made online courses, covering essential topics taught by our top-tier mentors from SushiSwap, Chainlink, Aave, MakerDAO, and more. Topics include liquidity, attraction and retention, GMT, and community building. 

    Marketing community

    All-in-one Templates

    Pre-built templates for business plans, pitch decks, financial models, and essential legal documents.


     Extensive Perks and Benefits

    Access various free and discounted development platforms (valued at $85,425+) including Protofire, Ankr, Hacken, Nethermind, etc.


    Community Engagement & Events

    Join our mastermind sessions where you can connect, share, and seek solutions within the startup community. Plus, participate in a dynamic community of entrepreneurs, industry experts, and mentors.


    Participation Details

    Free for the First 10 Startups 

    We are dedicated to supporting groundbreaking ideas, which is why the program is free for the first 10 startups accepted after application. Don’t miss this chance to accelerate your startup’s growth without any financial burden.

    If you’re seeking a direct investment from our associated investment DAO, hands-on mentorship from 60+ industry veterans coming from Chainlink, Polygon, and MakerDAO, check out our signature Accelerator Program. It’s an accelerator DAO program specialized for early-stage DeFi startups.

      Exclusive and Invite-Only

      The HyperNest Bootcamp is not open to everyone. It’s an exclusive, invite-only opportunity designed to select and support the most promising DeFi startups. Only the best will be chosen to join this elite group of innovators.

      Startup Onboarding

      We will onboard the startups on a rolling basis. Startups will have access to the bootcamp platform for three months, with unlimited access to our perks, benefits, mastermind, and future events.

      Expertise Powered by Leaders from Top DeFi Companies

      Startups Selection Criteria

      At HyperNest, we’re dedicated to fostering the growth of DeFi startups that are innovating in the realm of financial transactions.

      Funding Round & Stage:

      • Funding round: Mainly Pre-Seed, but open to Pre-Funding to Seed stages
      • Stage: Ideation to early product launch/testing/private beta. Pre-token


      • We’re seeking real builders, coders, and business innovators who are passionate about transforming the DeFi.


      • We welcome protocols built on both EVM and non-EVM platforms.

      Our focus areas include, but are not limited to:

      • Trading and Lending: Advancing DeFi with innovative AMM designs and dynamic money markets
      • Leveraged and Structured Products: Pioneering leveraged derivatives, passive indexes, and synthetics for advanced finance
      • Liquid Staking, Yield-Bearing Assets, and Re-Staking: Boosting capital efficiency with yield-bearing assets and re-staking
      • RWAs (Real-World Assets): Simplifying asset transfers via RWA tokenization and cross-class integration
      • Privacy in DeFi: Incorporating ZKP privacy tech while remaining compliant
      • Payments and On-chain Forex: Democratizing global finance, from stablecoins to solutions for the unbanked in emerging markets

      Knowledge Provided From our Top 1% of DeFi Mentors

      Our mentor team is composed of DeFi experts and veterans from leading companies such as Aave, MakerDAO, Nethermind, Bancor, gumi Cryptos Capital, Beefy Finance, Sushi Swap, Chainlink, and others, providing you with insights and guidance from the forefront of decentralized finance.


      Web3 Marketing Lead
      Balancer, Summer.fi, Maker DAO
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      Soledad Contreras


      Lead Developer & Partnership Coordinator – Beefy Finance
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      Mashal Waqar

      Mark Richardson

      Project Lead 
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      Hristo Piyankov

      David mc govern

      Business Development Manager – Chainlink Labs
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      Evgeny Gokhberg

      Managing Partner
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      Core Team
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      Soledad Contreras

      Nader Dabit

      Developer Relations
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      April Wong

      Sushi Swap
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      Meet Our Partners and Collaborators

      About us

      HyperNest is a specialized DeFi accelerator DAO that grows early-stage DeFi startups with the top 1% resources, investors, and mentors — including experts from Aave, Bancor, Summer.fi, Beefy Finance, Sushi Swap, Chainlink, and more — to become the top 1% elites of the industry.

      At HyperNest, we empower DeFi companies to leverage our comprehensive 12-week accelerator program, covering critical areas such as fundraising, tokenomics, growth, marketing, technology, security, liquidity attraction and retention, go-to-market strategies, financial modeling for decentralized protocols, legal aspects, and more. Our program is designed for immersive group sessions and tailored individual training. We take pride in being the accelerator DAO that continues to support founders even after program completion, a testament to our commitment to long-term success in the DeFi ecosystem. 

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