DeFi Accelerator Program at HyperNest Welcomes Q1 2024 Cohort

May 16, 2024

Polygon HyperNest, cohort launch

HyperNest’s DeFi Accelerator Program has officially launched its Q1 2024 cohort, welcoming a diverse group of innovative startups ready to make significant impacts in the decentralized finance sector and related areas.

From a pool of 700+ ambitious applicants, seven startups have been chosen to participate in our intensive 12-week program, designed to accelerate their growth and fine-tune their strategies in the dynamic world of DeFi. This cohort’s selection highlights our commitment to fostering innovation and excellence within the blockchain ecosystem.

Introducing Our New Cohort

The startups joining us this quarter are:

  • Lynex – A decentralized exchange that leverages Automated Liquidity Managers (ALMs) to make advanced DeFi tools accessible to everyone, simplifying liquidity strategies.
  • Cashmere Labs – They are solving the fragmented liquidity problem. They are building unified liquidity pools across chains, Cashmere’s modular omnichain AMM solves impermanent loss and loss-versus-rebalancing.
  • St0x – Creating a transparent and efficient global equities marketplace on-chain, St0x enhances trading transparency and liquidity for real-world assets.
  • Marginly – A smart contract-based platform for margin trading and derivatives, allowing users to take leveraged positions up to 20x on crypto-assets across various DEXes.
  • League.Tech – Revolutionizing the Web3 SocialFi landscape by merging advanced trading mechanisms with a user-friendly platform reminiscent of popular social media services.
  • Lobster Protocol – Offering non-custodial DeFi structured products and autonomous strategies to maximize returns and minimize risks for cryptocurrency holders.
  • ZKT – Focused on DeFi compliance and privacy, ZKT utilizes Zero-Knowledge Proof technology to secure transaction data and manage regulatory-compliant financial operations.

Program Highlights

Our DeFi Q1 2024 Cohort will benefit from unparalleled resources, including:

  • Expertise from Industry Leaders: Our mentors come from top DeFi companies like Aave, MakerDAO, and Chainlink, ensuring that each startup receives mentorship from pioneers in the field.
  • Investment Opportunities: Startups will have access to funding ranging from $0K to $200K, alongside introductions to over 50 crypto venture capital firms.
  • Extensive Perks and Benefits: The total value of benefits exceeds $400K per startup, including essential tech services from partners like Google Cloud and HubSpot.
  • Continuous Post-Program Support: Our commitment extends beyond the program, providing ongoing assistance with fundraising, network expansion, and educational resources.

Looking Ahead

As we kick off this exciting journey, we are thrilled to support and collaborate with these pioneers who are not just participating in the DeFi landscape but actively shaping its future. The diverse expertise and innovative visions of our new cohort promise to enrich our community and propel the decentralized finance ecosystem forward.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights as these startups progress towards demo day and beyond. Join us in celebrating their journey and the innovative strides they are set to make in the blockchain world.

HyperNest continues to be the leading accelerator for DeFi startups, and we are excited to see the impact our latest cohort will have on the industry.