Introducing Our New Advisor: Gonçalo Perdigão

February 16, 2023

An Era of Unprecedented Growth

The past year at HyperNest has been one of unprecedented growth. We had our accelerator DAO ideology turn into reality, expanded our team, and built a DAO ecosystem that works like a charm for DeFi startups. Perhaps most importantly, we will launch the first DeFi accelerator program in collaboration with Polygon on 27 March, scaling startups with the top 1% resources to grow them into the next top 1% elites.

We’re grateful for the team, advisors, mentors, investors, and partners that have helped us on this journey. This work would be nearly impossible without them.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce a new member of our advisory board — Gonçalo Perdigão.

Joining our team as a strategic advisor, Gonçalo is helping us achieve our mission by providing startup guidance and insights. In the last few years, he has always been dedicated to venture building, fintech, digital growth and web3 opportunities.

Introducing Gonçalo Perdigão

With over 2 decades of corporate experience and over 15 years of startup co-founding, Gonçalo is now a serial entrepreneur, digital advisor and strategy consultant. 

On the business side, he co-founded and owned 2 UK award-winning technology startups, he scaled the two biggest mobile apps in Portugal with 1.5M and 4M+ users, respectively, and he created from zero a corporate venture builder backed by a $7B+ turnover company that reached 3 exits in 4 years. He also acted as Director at Telco & Entertainment, Fintech and Retail companies, managing P&Ls of dozens of millions and the best-in-class teams. In addition, with his rich experience in strategy, product, marketing, digital growth, and web3, he has been advising big corporates and startups for the last few years. Gonçalo also writes books and articles about startups, digital and deep tech.

On the engineering side, Gonçalo worked as a scientist for a European Space Agency project (antennas for deep-space applications) and spent some time collaborating at the Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre at the University of Cambridge (neurosciences).

As a HyperNest strategic advisor, Gonçalo will help us achieve scale as we enter this new phase of company growth. Gonçalo has a deep and unique understanding of the fintech and blockchain ecosystem and is passionate about bringing innovations to web3 rapidly to address the massive DeFi issues ahead of us.

“The wider public is getting more used to blockchain and cryptocurrencies,” said Gonçalo Perdigão. “We are in an infancy yet promising stage for DeFi where an ocean of business ideas are being developed. I am excited to be part of HyperNest, leveraging DeFi to solve real-life issues.”

Gonçalo also brings unlimited energy and passion, ready to roll his sleeves and work with us on the ground and help define long-term strategy.


The Future is Limitless

When we started HyperNest, we did so with the mission of accelerating DeFi startups through the top 1% of resources, investors, mentors, and partners. We’re thrilled that advisors — like Gonçalo — share our mission and have joined our venture. Onward!