HyperNest Pioneers.

Alessio Zazzarini

Startups ecosystem
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Rolf Schroemgens

Venture investment
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Vinicius Ribeiro

Business expansion
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Quynh Phan

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Selim Erünkut

Smart contract DEV
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Antonio Cacciotti

Distributed Networks DEV
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Ashley Liu

Product – Service Design
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Jeremy Roux

Product – DeFi
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CDAO Ecosystem Components

Startups Founders

Startups are the core of our ecosystem. Those brave individuals jump from a cliff and construct an airplane whilst falling. This whole ecosystem is being built with them and for them.

Core partners

The core partners participate in the governance, which contributes to the growth of the DAO, and are divided into two categories:
Service providers: Growth hackers, marketers, market makers, UX specialists, node operators, etc.
Protocols: Layer1, Layer 2, Major DEFI, etc. that have an interest in onboarding great startups to enrich their ecosystem.
The core partners actively participate in the governance.


The only difference between the partners and the core partners is their token allocation and participation in the protocol’s governance.

Core team

The core team is a handful of individuals with a multidisciplinary background, a big vision, and solid commitment. Those guys have started the DAO, contributing to the DAO full-time.


The team is made of full-time and part-time individuals. They are in the protocol for the long run, and they contribute to the DAO on a different level.

Contributors - advisors

Contributors might participate in the DAO’s activities for a few hours a week. They have specific responsibilities, but they are also interested and invested in the long-term success of the DAO.


The community is made of different types of actors:

  • Occasional contributors
  • Token holders
  • Members of our discord or telegram