Accelerate startups building on the Q chain, integrating Q governance, or exploring the potential of Q governance

HyperNest X Q Protocol
Startup Grant Program

Welcome to the Hypernest & Q Protocol Startup Grant Program! We offer a unique opportunity for early-stage Web3 startups to receive a comprehensive package worth $280,950. This includes a grant, access to Hypernest’s partner benefits, and technical/marketing support from the Q Protocol team. If you’re planning to build on the Q chain or utilize Q governance, seize this chance to accelerate your growth with the right resources and support.


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About Q

Q Protocol is revolutionizing the Web3 world. It provides a governance backbone that allows for the building of intergalactic organizations that go beyond code-is-law. With an EVM-compatible proof-of-stake blockchain and a full set of governance smart contracts, Q Protocol enables building without borders. Unique to Q Protocol is its ability to bridge the offline and online worlds, offering a seamless integration that expands the possibilities for blockchain applications. This makes Q Protocol an ideal platform for startups looking to innovate in the Web3 space.

Why Build on Q?

Q’s blockchain offers the benefits of a public, open, and decentralized ledger with the enforceability and transparency of private contracts, providing unrivaled reliability and accountability in the blockchain space. Startups benefit from its hybrid architecture and interoperability, that allows for optional private contracts and arbitration. This reduces the risks of centralization while enabling innovative decentralized business models. Simply put, Q bridges real-world accountability needs with the web3 expectations for decentralization and transparency.

Here’s a brief overview of the benefits of building on Q:

1. Dispute Resolution Mechanism: Q incorporates a reliable dispute resolution mechanism based on established private international arbitration rules, including integration with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) for fair and effective handling of on-chain disputes through an off-chain court.

2. Hybrid Architecture: Q combines the benefits of a public blockchain with the features of private contracts, allowing startups to create private contracts with specified access controls while operating on a public and decentralized network. This flexibility maintains confidentiality while leveraging the advantages of public transparency.

3. Governance-as-a-Service: Q Protocol enables startups to leverage its governance modules as a service, creating a market for governance solutions and revenue-sharing opportunities.

4. Comprehensive Governance Tools: Q offers governance features such as rule-of-law enforcement, decentralized decision-making, dispute resolution mechanisms. These tools provide startups with critical features of centralized legal frameworks in a decentralized world.

5. Bridging Old and New Finance Worlds and Support for Financial Institutions: Q enables financial institutions to adopt blockchain technology by offering structured processes, operational support, and hybrid models that combine traditional finance products with blockchain elements. This allows institutions to leverage the advantages of decentralized technology while integrating with existing financial systems.

6. EVM Compatibility and Easy Adoption: Q is fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), making it easy for companies and developers already working with Ethereum or other EVM-compatible chains to build on Q. Integrating into Q’s governance also grants them access to a ready-to-use governance infrastructure and high-level security.

About the Grant Program

The Hypernest & Q Protocol Startup Grant Program is a unique initiative designed to empower early-stage Web3 startups. Our mission is to provide the right resources and support to startups planning to build on the Q chain, integrate Q governance, or potentially use only Q governance. This program is more than just financial support – it’s a comprehensive package designed to accelerate your startup’s growth and innovation in the Web3 space.

Grant Details

We’re offering a comprehensive package valued at $280,950, which includes:


  • Financial Grant: An initial grant of $5,000 and eligibility for additional funding later.
  • Access to Hypernest’s Perks and Benefits: You’ll have access to Hypernest’s perks and benefits, worth $275,950 provided by our service partners. These benefits primarily include discounts between 10-50% on various services, such as Google credits and marketing boost, HubSpot,, Hacken, Protofire, Web3 Economics, Nethermind, and Defisafety, that can help your startup grow and succeed.
  • Technical and Marketing Support from Q Protocol: You’ll receive expert technical guidance to help you build on the Q chain, as well as marketing support to help you reach your target audience and grow your user base. Furthermore, Q Protocol offers the possibility of assisting you in designing and seamlessly integrating your governance system, providing comprehensive support for your startup’s success.

Who Should Apply

We’re seeking early-stage Web3 startups planning to build on the Q chain, integrate Q governance, or potentially use only Q governance, including those interested in developing an EVM-compatible protocol. While we have a preference for DeFi startups, we welcome applications from all verticals. Don’t miss this opportunity to boost your startup with our grant and resources.

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