Join The Q Protocol X HyperNest Grant Program

October 6, 2023

Lisbon, October 6, 2023. HyperNest is thrilled to announce its partnership with Q Protocol, a groundbreaking governance backbone for Web3 organizations, to launch a grant program for early-stage Web3 startups planning to build on the Q chain and integrate Q governance, or potentially use only Q governance.

In a strategic collaboration with Q Protocol, the Q Protocol x HyperNest Grant Program is a holistic initiative designed to supercharge early-stage Web3 startups. Beyond financial support, the program provides startups with access to trusted partners, perks, and benefits worth $280,950. Additionally, participants can expect specialized technical and marketing guidance from the Q Protocol team. Together, we aim to redefine traditional industries by unlocking the untapped potential of blockchain technology, making this an ideal opportunity for startups focused on building on the Q chain or integrating Q governance.

“HyperNest is committed to nurturing the next generation of Web3 entrepreneurs. Our partnership with Q Protocol is a significant step towards achieving this goal,” said Alessio, Founder at HyperNest.

Q Protocol is not just another blockchain platform; it’s a governance powerhouse designed for Web3 organizations. With its EVM-compatible proof-of-stake blockchain and comprehensive governance smart contracts, Q Protocol offers startups an unparalleled platform for innovation. “Q Protocol’s unique governance features and hybrid architecture make it particularly useful for startups requiring an articulated governance structure,” said Alessio, Founder at HyperNest.

The Q Protocol x HyperNest Grant Program will come to a close on 30 November 2023. This is a golden opportunity for early-stage Web3 startups to accelerate their journey and make a significant impact in the blockchain space. Apply here to be part of this game-changing initiative. 

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About HyperNest

HyperNest is a boutique accelerator DAO that grows early-stage blockchain startups with the top 1% resources, investors, and mentors to become the next top 1% elites of the industry – with support extended beyond its structured programs.

Founded in 2021, HyperNest has operated on an invite-only basis, manually selecting protocols, partners, investors, and mentors to form the top 1% army for founder communities. In its second year of operation, the accelerator DAO has opened applications to discover more gems for the web3 space, yet maintained a rigorous screening process to handpick the top 1% resources for the next top 1% founders.


About Q Protocol

Q Blockchain is a novel blockchain that combines the benefits of a public, open, and decentralized ledger with the transparency and reliability of enforceable private contracts.