Cohort Starts Today – Meet the 7 DeFi Startups Joining the Polygon x HyperNest 2023 Cohort 1 

April 3, 2023

Polygon HyperNest, cohort launch

The Polygon x HyperNest DeFi Accelerator Program starts its 2023 Q1 cohort on 3 April 2023! Seven potential startups, selected from over 800 applications spanning 7 continents, have gained a place on the fastest-growing accelerator program organized by HyperNest – the decentralized accelerator DAO.

Each company will receive up to $110,000 perks, while benefiting from direct investment, mentorship, and access to HyperNest’s partner network, including a private VIP investor group and support from the programme’s industry-leading partner: Polygon, Consensys, Ankr, and more.

The program offers top notch support in the area of fundraising, tokenomics, growth, partnerships, technology, security and beyond. It is designed for DeFi early-stage startups that are planning to deploy on Polygon or Ethereum blockchain. Our resources, partners, and mentors are the top 1% from the blockchain industry, aiming to scale new DeFi protocols that will revolutionize the financial markets – such as novel automated protocols to support trading, lending, and investment of crypto assets.

The 7 startups selected are:

  • Flashliquidity – Decentralized exchange introducing self-balancing pools where both token swap fees and profits from arbitrage automation are distributed to liquidity providers.
  • Loanshark –  a borrowing aggregator that helps users borrow with the lowest rates.
  • Weave Financial – a DeFi protocol that offers unprecedented levels of customization for yield farming
  • Dom Money – non custodial wallet for everyday expenses with universal QR payments. It integrates major QR code payment standards worldwide
  • Robodex – evolve the fundamental mechanics and mathematics of AMM so that DEX liquidity providers are not guaranteed to suffer impermanent loss.
  • Zoth – a revolutionary new age investment platform that provides liquidity for on chain assets through its unique real-time market based exit mechanism. 
  • OpenPad – a community-run web3 launchpad for everyone; it offers fixed $1 entry, 100% guaranteed allocation, retail friendly, and insurance backed

By participating in our accelerator program, startups will join our DAO of like-minded entrepreneurs, hackers, builders, degens, protocols, and investors, who are also working to shape the future of decentralized finance.

Alessio Zazzarini, Founder at HyperNest, said: “Since its birth, HyperNest continues to discover and support startups with revolutionary blockchain and DeFi solutions that will be essential to unlocking decentralization and financial independence. The level of innovation from this year’s cohort is nothing short of inspiring – their drive, commitment and potential is what makes startups key in the transition to the top 1% in the industry”

HyperNest is excited to grow our 7 ambitious startups, and couldn’t wait to share the amount of revenue and equity we help to generate for each of them. The programme aims to accelerate the best blockchain companies rapidly into the DeFi space, shortening the road to mass adoption and closing the gap in web3 resources that are pivotal for founders’ successes.