Meet Vinicius Ribeiro – HyperNest’s Advisor   

March 10, 2023

HyperNest was started with a simple vision to grow early-stage blockchain startups with the top 1% resources, investors, and mentors to become the next top 1% elites of the industry. With this vision in sight, HyperNest is set to change the way the world looks at accelerators and DAO — our contributors operate on a decentralized voting basis where power is allocated according to contributions and knowledge in a specific area. From there, the best proposal would be selected for blockchain startups. The ecosystem is ever refining.

In light of this, we’ve assembled an impressive team of advisors composed of serial entrepreneurs, blockchain experts, and venture capitalists. Today we are pleased to present Vinicius Ribeiro, a highly sought after industry veteran.

About Vinicius

Vinicius Ribeiro, a Portugal-based blockchain BD entrepreneur, is super well-connected in the field. He is passionate about building relationships and nurturing businesses. Negotiation, partnerships, business development, new ventures, strategy, and technology are topics that are close to his heart. He contributed to growing Cartesi, the blockchain OS, through BD activities, forging partnerships, providing strategic thinking, and delivering implementation.

Prior to joining the blockchain space, he worked as a professional negotiator, leading complex negotiations with companies and helping to build and maintain new ventures and partnerships. Some high-profile clients include government agents and suppliers.

Vinicius was invited to present ‘how negotiation can contribute to a better world’ at a TEDx event. It was a huge recognition of his profession and achievements, such as negotiating the USD 42 bn (2.1 bn for 5%) Búzios Oil Field Sale for the Chinese State-Owned Company CNOOC, and the USD 2.9 bn Roncador Oil Field Sale and worked in the transition and joint-venture management.

Journey with HyperNest

We are glad to have Vinicius on our advisory board to grow HyperNest and our line of aspirational startups. As an expert, Vinicius is of the opinion that a flavor of negotiation knowledge and insight is necessary for everyone, no matter what they go on to do in life. His commitment to the field of blockchain and the power it holds makes him the ideal ‘captain’ for many founders in the areas of partnerships and relationship building. 

If there is one thing we can vouch for, it’s the fact that Vinicius has, indeed, connected with every single person he’s advised in blockchain. We are excited that Vinicius joins the HyperNest journey at this remarkable time!

Driving HyperNest Forward

Vinicius strongly believes in constantly learning new things and expanding horizons. This is what led him to become an advisor with us at HyperNest. He is eager to share how successful relationship building can drive a business forward.

“When you can master relationships, you can master anything,” he says.