Our Ethos

We want to create a new inclusive and equitable cyber system for the sovereign individual.
We believe that any human is rich proportionally to the freedom he owns.
Therefore, we want to empower founders that want to build Web 3.0 applications to support and defend:


  • Freedom of expression
  • Financial Freedom
  • Freedom of choosing your currency
  • Right to privacy
  • ​​Freedom of association
  • Freedom of ​belief
  • Freedom of speech
  • Freedom to choose one’s state in life
  • Freedom of owning your data
While respecting each individual and organization, we will achieve our ongoing goals because we want to ensure that these values of freedom are honoured and celebrated in the future society.
As a consequence of our ideology, we celebrate human differences. We love the diversity of perspectives in the components of our DAO, and we are constantly on the lookout for diverging points of view. In our differences, there is our richness.

Investment Thesis

We invest in blockchain startups that directly aim to expand individual freedom in each form.
For example:


  • DEFI
  • Data Ownership protocols
  • Distributed storage and computation
Investment thesis

We will invest in the infrastructure that would enable the flourishing of Web 3.0. E.g. :


  • L1, L2
  • Oracles
  • Bridges
  • ZK applications
  • Middlewares in particular that one that increases composability
particular interest

What we are NOT going to invest in for the time being:


  • NFT projects that are mostly gravitating around art creation and distribution
  • GameFi projects
  • Web 3.0 projects that are meant to enrich existent enterprises (e.g. passport for vehicles to support BMW)