How Geolocalized NFTs Bridge Technology
and Real-World Experiences

Aug 24, 2022

César Suárez is the CEO and founder of Svenir, a technology platform that helps local businesses increase customer loyalty through geolocalized NFTs.real-life’s episode, we talk about the missing link between NFT technology and real-life experience, how to empower people to impact environmental and social issues, and his reflection on learnings and failures.


01:00 – About Svenir and its use cases – Svenir technology allows the minting of geolocated NFT, bridging city souvenirs with local experiences and local guides – Using this technology, local brands can create NFTs with limited access to products/services and a personalized experience – Future integration and partnerships with ticketing companies will add value to ticket buyers

07:22 – César’s vision and the value behind the tech – Above the tech, Svenir aims to increase the intensity and amount of experiences in the world. – Through the project, César aims to empower people to make changes in the world, like having positive impacts on the environment and essential social matters.

16:02 – His past struggles, achievements, and his tips to other entrepreneurs – César’s process to choose a purpose, identify a path, focus on making the right decisions, – His thought process and realizing the potential of Svenir, and being proud of the work – Communicating his reflections and learnings to investors.

27:04 – Learnings and reflections – How neglecting consumer acquisition and the limited NFT market impacted Svenir and his ideas on going further than the artwork or technology – His approach to reflecting on learnings, and taking responsibility for failures.

36:30 – Seeding, investors, and hiring – How being in the right environment and mindset, and exposing your purpose and willingness will impact investors’ decisions – Building a Network, showing the hunger for success, and looking for partners who are on board with the vision.

49:55 – Building on Polygon – César talks about the Polygon community, team support, and grant program, and following Opensea as the largest player in the market

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How Geolocalized NFTs Bridge Technology and Real-World Experiences

César Suárez, founder of Svenir

Aug 24, 2022

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