How NFTs can be used to drive innovation in education

October 7, 2022

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Filipe Pereira is the co-founder of Crowdclass, a company that is revolutionizing online learning with NFTs. In this episode, we take a look at how one web3 startup is using blockchain technology to drive innovation in the education space. By using NFTs (non-fungible tokens), this company is able to create a more secure and efficient learning environment for students and educators alike.




01:04 Filipe‘s vision and the value behind the tech

Filipe‘s vision is to create a user-owned certificates and credentials network that allows public recognition.

– Using this technology, people can get recognition or visibility or proof of learnings on online courses.


04:03 About Crowdclass and its usecases

– Crowclass is a tool for educators in schools to easily create and send digital badges and certificates as NFTs with community acknowledgment.

– People can use these credentials potentially to apply for jobs.

– How to address the problems related to the token.


16:54 A bird’s eye view of Crowdclass’s future potentials

– How Crowdclass can help to address certification frauds.

– Examples of how Crowdclass could be applied to real life.

– Other possible applications for Crowclass.

24:34 Filipe‘s past struggles, achievements, and tips to other entrepreneurs

Filipe‘s process to choose a purpose, identify a path, and focus on making the right decisions.

– His thought process and some problems with perception perspective and fundraising, especially during a bear market.

– Tips for first-time founders.


45:06 Fundraising

– The formula to get accepted to the Techstars accelerator program.

– Communicating his reflections and learnings to investors.


51:41 Chains and protocols

Filipe talks about Polygon and follows Opensea as the largest player in the market.

– Building on NEAR because of its vision regarding usability.

– How Filipe gets a NEAR grant.


59:50 The future of Crowdclass and some tips for new Web 3 founders

– Crowdclass has just released its private beta.

Filipe talks about how new Web 3 entrepreneurs should build their war chests, focus on existing problems and stick to their convictions.


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