HyperNest DeFi Accelerator Program

HyperNest, a specialized DeFi accelerator, offers a 12-week intensive program exclusively tailored for DeFi startups, focusing on the unique challenges and opportunities of the decentralized finance sector.


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Join HyperNest: Your Path to DeFi Success!

Hello Future DeFi Leaders.
In the ever-changing world of crypto, HyperNest is your guide to success in decentralized finance.

Why HyperNest is the Premier Choice for DeFi Startups:

1. Elite DeFi Accelerator Program: We offer the best DeFi accelerator program globally, focusing on essential challenges like fundraising and token economy. Our program features top mentors from industry-leading organizations such as Aave, MakerDAO, Nethermind, Bancor, gumi Cryptos Capital, Beefy Finance, Sushi Swap, Chainlink, and others, ensuring you receive world-class guidance and expertise to propel your DeFi project to new heights.

2. Investments and Demo days: Explore investment opportunities with our affiliated Investment DAO, offering $50K to $200K funding to boost your startup. Leverage our extensive network of 50+ crypto VCs and gain expert guidance in securing lead investors for your growth journey.

3. Extensive Perks and Benefits: As a participant in the HyperNest program, you’ll gain access to an array of perks and benefits, valued at more than $400K, provided by our esteemed service partners. This includes a suite of top-tier tech services essential for scaling your startup, such as Google Cloud, Covalent, HubSpot, and more, designed to accelerate your growth in the DeFi space.

4. Ongoing Post-Program Support: Our commitment extends beyond the three-month program. You’ll receive continuous support in fundraising, network expansion, and access to learning resources like webinars and events. As a lifelong member of our community, you’ll benefit from all current and future perks, and the opportunity to collaborate and innovate with other startups in our network.

Core Areas of Focus in Our Program:


Token Strategy and Financial Modeling

From token economy and launch strategies to financial modeling, we guide you in shaping the financial backbone of your project, ensuring a robust and sustainable DeFi protocol.

Marketing community

Marketing, Community Engagement, and Market Entry

We help you build and engage a strong community, crucial for success, and provide tailored go-to-market strategies to effectively launch and promote your DeFi product.



We guide you through every step of fundraising, enhanced by training from experienced VC mentors to perfect your pitch and excel at demo day.


Incorporation and Legal

Your legal structure is an essential component of your strategy. In this unpredictable international law system, you need clarity.


Smart Contract and Security

We provide guidance in building a safe product quickly. A single hack can destroy your venture

Marketing community

DAO Governance

Governance is hard. Before deciding on yours, let’s explore the upsides of different structures.


Liquidity Attraction and Retention

Strategies to build and maintain a robust liquidity pool, essential for the success of any DeFi project.



DeFi Composability

Risks and opportunities of the new money lego system. Design your protocol with this knowledge in mind.

Blockchain Partners and Collaborators

Some Of Our Top 1% DeFi Mentors

Our mentor team is composed of DeFi experts and veterans from leading companies such as Aave, MakerDAO, Nethermind, Bancor, gumi Cryptos Capital, Beefy Finance, Sushi Swap, Chainlink, and others, providing you with insights and guidance from the forefront of decentralized finance.


Web3 Marketing Lead
Balancer, Summer.fi, Maker DAO
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Soledad Contreras


Lead Developer & Partnership Coordinator – Beefy Finance
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Mashal Waqar

Mark Richardson

Project Lead 
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Hristo Piyankov

David mc govern

Business Development Manager – Chainlink Labs
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Evgeny Gokhberg

Managing Partner
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Core Team
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Soledad Contreras

Nader Dabit

Developer Relations
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April Wong

Sushi Swap
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Program Structure & Timeline

HyperNest’s DeFi accelerator program will launch in Q1 of 2024 with a laser focus on DeFi.
As a founder, you will gain access to resources that HyperNest’s service partners has to offer such as infrastructure development, tech development, legal and security. In addition, founders will also gain access to a network of mentors and advisors in the Web3 space who are dedicated to support startups. Lastly, HyperNest will be organizing remote public events for networking opportunities and a Demo Day at the end of the program, to provide startups with the exposure they need to scale their company.

Startups Selection Criteria

At HyperNest, we’re dedicated to fostering the growth of DeFi startups that are innovating in the realm of financial transactions.

Our focus areas include, but are not limited to:

  • RWAs (Real-World Assets): Bridging DeFi with traditional finance, we’re excited about tokenizing real-world assets, making asset transfers seamless across classes.
  • Privacy in Defi: Advancing anonymity in DeFi using privacy-enhancing technologies and, at the same time, staying compliant with regulatory frameworks.
  • Payments and On-chain Forex: We’re passionate about democratizing global finance, from stablecoins to solutions for the unbanked in emerging markets.
  • Leveraged and Structured Products: Innovating in leveraged derivatives, passive indexes, and synthetic assets.
  • Liquid Staking, Yield-bearing Assets, and re-staking: Focused on enhancing capital efficiency with yield-bearing assets or via re-staking mechanism.

Funding Round & Stage:

  • Funding round: Mainly Pre-Seed, but open to Pre-Funding to Seed stages
  • Stage: Ideation to early product launch/testing/private beta. Pre-token


  • We’re seeking real builders, coders, and business innovators who are passionate about transforming the DeFi.


  • We welcome protocols built on both EVM and non-EVM platforms.

Exploring a different DeFi vertical? No problem, we love innovators! Go ahead and apply – we’re excited to see what you’re creating!

Are you ready to hyperjump to scaling mode? Apply now!
Small cohort and only few seats are available.

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About us

HyperNest stands at the intersection of innovation and empowerment. Our seasoned team, rich in DeFi expertise and startup acceleration, has guided over 111 startups to success. We’re driven by a vision to democratize advanced financial tools, making them accessible to all through decentralized finance. As a specialized DeFi accelerator DAO, we collaborate with industry giants like Aave, Bancor, and Chainlink, offering unparalleled resources and mentorship. Our comprehensive support spans beyond just a program; it’s a commitment to nurturing startups into industry leaders. At our core, we’re a community of enthusiasts and builders, united in reshaping the financial landscape. HyperNest is more than an accelerator – it’s a movement towards an inclusive and empowered financial future.

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